Joan M. Hellquist


Joan M. Hellquist

I have lived in Placitas, NM since 1988 and grew up in Summit, NJ a suburb of NYC. At least part of every summer I’ve been at a family cottage on Ossipee Lake in NH. In spite of a lot of travel, the two places I feel the most at home are New Mexico and New Hampshire, which are total opposites.

The two constant loves of my life are children and animals.

Since I’m not lucky enough to have any children of my own, my contact with those amazing little ones has been in healthcare. My first book, Beyond the Stars: The Other Side Through a Child’s Eyes, was written as a form of grief therapy to help me deal with the loss of a daughter at birth many years prior.

I’ve had at least one dog my entire adult life. Right now I have two. Teddy is a senior, adorable German Spitz and Piki is my Service Dog. Piki Goes to College is the story of her training to become a Service Dog.

Young children and animals are kindred spirits. They are innocent, without baggage, full of unconditional love, and always tell you the truth.


Piki Goes to College

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Piki Goes to College is the story of a lovable shelter dog who is adopted and trained by her person, Joan, to become a Service Dog. Piki, which rhymes with sneaky, tells her own story which is fun, entertaining, and educational for children and adults. Her antics during her training are not only described but shown with color illustrations revealing her mischievous and independent personality.

Although Piki herself explains a lot about Service Dogs, there are additional sources given for adults which provide more advanced information about Service Dogs and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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